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    Bev Wium stocks a range of health foods and products. (Fourways – South Africa) 

    This includes:

    • A small range of Mary-Ann's products and books.
    • Superfoods (raw cacao powder to make raw organic chocolate etc).
    • Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, cold-pressed oils.
    • Aim range of products (Barley Life etc). 

    Bev's Price - Nutribullet R2222;

    How to make Raw Organic chocolate with Bev Wium - 4 minute Youtube clip:

    BevWiumRawganicChocolates YouTube Jacaranda August 2012

    Organicflexitarian ProductsShould you require Magimix products, order directly from Bev for the best prices. 

    Magimix Blenders - 1200W - 1.8 litre glass jug; powerful and quiet; smoothies, crushed ice, soups, frozen desserts

    1. Blender –  SILVER: R3200
    2. Blnder - RED: R3000
    3. Mill attachment optional: R1000 

    Magimix Food Processors:

    1. CS5200 Stainless Steel (incl citrus press) 1100W - R5800
    2. CS5200 White (incl citrus press)  1100W - R5000
    3. Maximix Precessor and BlenderCS4200 White  950W - R4200
    4. CS 3200 White 650W - R3900
    5. Extras: Juice extractor basket - R1000 

    Feel free to join Aim to order products at member prices. See forms and product lists below. Contact Bev with any queries regarding any of her products:

    To shop at Healthmakers for various "toys" to make healthy mostly raw foods, click here:

    Bev's Sattvic Spice - view details here...

    A spice for a clear mind, body and soul...and a delicate blend of flavours to reduce food cravings. - R50 


    If you don’t already own a Spyra-Gyra here is a link to observe how it works and what it does: Spyra Gyra YouTube Clip

    A Spyra-Gyra is a spiral slicer, which spiralises vegetables into spaghetti, fettuccine and angel hair pasta, which can be eaten raw or cooked. My favourite is a butternut, beetroot and sweet potato salad with some greens shredded in.

    I stock Spyra-Gyras – R849.00 each, unless on special. You can also order directly from the Healthmakers website – mention my name – they may think better of you and I get points for your order.; Take a look at the rest of their kitchen equipment – popular items are the Vitamix high speed blender, the Oscar juicer and the Excalibur dehydrator. Bigger items do not attract a delivery fee.


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