A few years ago, I created a spice called Bev’s Sattvic Spice. I investigated which spices would more likely create a sattvic mind and poured them into one bottle. In addition to clarity of mind, this blend of spices also offers 3 or 4 of “Bev’s Six Flavours” required for satisfaction of the mind, body and soul. 


Ingredients of Bev’s Sattvic Spice:

Himalayan rock salt (ground – not crystals)

ginger powder

ground black mustard seeds

turmeric powder

cumin powder

coriander powder

cayenne pepper


Excerpt from Organicflexitarian – sneak up on yourself in 365 days

“Sattvic State of Mind

There is a word that describes a clear mind very nicely – sattva. When I have a sattvic state of mind I find that I can gain knowledge more easily, I make better decisions, I am more cheerful; and it compels me to seek happiness and give happiness. 

Although sattva is my preferred state of mind, I could also find my mind either in a state of what I call energact OR in a state of inert. Energact expresses through desire, anger, excessive longing and attachment, meaningless activities like tying and untying knots, and absence of tranquillity – all actions which “oppose” clarity of mind (sattva). And yet a smidgen of energact is necessary in that it helps me to be motivated and get things done. Inert expresses negatively through dullness, delusion, indifference, slothfulness, difficulty getting up in the morning, and justification for the lack of activity. I do need some inert to help me sleep, rest and take time out. Energact and inert are incestuous little bed-fellows; where I find one I will find the other. For example, if I have a cup of coffee, I will be energactic for a while, however inert will soon follow. And when I eat a simple salad with a few potato wedges, I find that I am sattvic – my mind is clear, ignorance is more easily removed and decisions are made swiftly.

While I accept there will always be a blend of these three states of mind, I function best when I reside mostly in sattva (as long as I don’t get too attached to the “bliss” of it). What I eat plays a vital role as to which state of mind predominates.”


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