“Ten days ago, a friend gave me Organicflexitarian as a gift.  I’ve truly loved reading it – and marvel at your skills & knowledge & zest for life & living! Your book crossed my path at exactly the right time, and I have so much for which to be grateful.  Of course I’ve thanked my friend, but I also truly want to thank you!” Celia – January 2015

"Organicflexitarian is written with fun and a positive attitude towards life, an inspiring, informative book.
It looks so lekker that you almost want to have a bite of it. I cannot put it down." Ute - January 2015

"Beverley Jean Wium, your book is unputdownable! At 11pm last night I was still devouring it, and was cooking potatoes and eating them with mashed avo and olive oil and your other delectable suggestions, after seeing the irresistible photo on 22 October, and slept with a happy happy tummy after my late night feast! I am loving every page I turn to and I am learning so much! Thank you, you wonderful woman and congratulations on this remarkable achievement!!” Kerry - November 2014


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