Organicflexitarian is for every one of us

• The raw vegan skier
• The twenty year old musician who lives on take-aways
• The farmer who is a dedicated meat eater
• The professional woman who wants a healthy recipe book with quick, easy, tasty recipes
• The busy mom who wants to learn how to be healthy and why
• The single dad who needs to lower his cholesterol and lose weight
• The teenager who is tired of the sickness of ADHD and wants clarity of mind, energy and inner poise without the use of drugs
• The moody, depressed, bi-polar primary school teacher
• The entrepreneur with a family history of cancer, diabetes or heart disease
• The secretary who does not have much time to prepare food
• Mrs. Desperate who is a career dieter and wants a cure and not just temporary, fleeting relief
• Someone on a spiritual/religious path who wants a mind, body and soul that is the best vehicle to know enlightenment more of the time


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