ORGANICFLEXITARIAN - Sneak up on yourself in 365 days - by Beverley Jean Wium

A healthy lifestyle day book with stories, quotes and health notes. Includes 110 quick and easy, delicious recipes. The book is a reading book that leads the reader day by day. A whole range of topics and stories e.g. Organicflexitarian Food Tree menu and notes, planting basil, hormones, diabetes, sleep, exercise, colon health, cancer, oxytocin (the love hormone), and personal anecdotes. Easy and tasty healthful recipes every 5 days or so – including the creamiest raw organic chocolates, Avolemon mousse (to die for – really), Sattvic popcorn, butternut and potato wedges. The book is colourful, inspiring and inviting with high quality printing and binding.

Organicflexitarian is for every one of us
• The raw vegan skier
• The twenty year old musician who lives on take-aways
• The farmer who is a dedicated meat eater
• The professional woman who wants a healthy recipe book with quick, easy, tasty recipes
• The busy mom who wants to learn how to be healthy and why
• The single dad who needs to lower his cholesterol and lose weight
• The teenager who is tired of the sickness of ADHD and wants clarity of mind, energy and inner poise without the use of drugs
• The moody, depressed, bi-polar primary school teacher
• The entrepreneur with a family history of cancer, diabetes or heart disease
• The secretary who does not have much time to prepare food
• Mrs. Desperate who is a career dieter and wants a cure and not just temporary, fleeting relief
• Someone on a spiritual/religious path who wants a mind, body and soul that is the best vehicle to know enlightenment more of the time

Organicflexitarian:  “One who moves heaven and earth to source organic food and yet, is flexible and accepting if all that is available, at a given moment is “normal” food; he or she may be vegan, vegetarian or an omnivore; fresh, raw, living plant food and greens predominate; prepared kindly and consciously, with love within the guidelines of Bev’s Six Tastes and correct food combining. He or she avoids the use of a microwave oven.” Beverley Jean Wium 2012

“Ten days ago, a friend gave me Organicflexitarian as a gift.  I’ve truly loved reading it – and marvel at your skills & knowledge & zest for life & living! Your book crossed my path at exactly the right time, and I have so much for which to be grateful.  Of course I’ve thanked my friend, but I also truly want to thank you!” Celia – January 2015

"Organicflexitarian is written with fun and a positive attitude towards life, an inspiring, informative book.
It looks so lekker that you almost want to have a bite of it. I cannot put it down." Ute - January 2015


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