Download the complete PLANiT-forward PDF here

Join the  PLANiT-forward movement

The urgency to care for our planet and spend less money is apparent

Let us offer a better place to live for future generations

A lighter footprint will matter in 100 years

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago

The second best time is now

Plant your seed of action – pay it forward

Every small seed grows and is felt by our planet Mother Earth

Let’s be Birds of Play and PLANiT-forward


     What  PLANiT-forward asks of you:

  1. Choose one new action (or non-action) for the week which you believe will help our planet and sustainability in any way – this is your agreement with yourself:  MY AGREEMENT PLANiT-forward = MAP.
  2. Forward this email along with your MAP,  to me and to 12 other people – perhaps include one person in another country and/or far away and preferably refrain from blind copying the recipients – keep it open – but clean up previous email addresses (Please do not misuse email addresses)
  3. Each week add a new MAP to your existing MAPs and share with your 13 fellow “PLANiT-forward” friends; your MAP may give others new ideas and remind them to send out their new MAPs.


Note: if the 12 people whom I have sent to, forward to 12 others each, that makes 144 others who PLANiT-forward; 144 x 12 = 1728; 1728 x 12 = 20736; 20736 x 12 = 248 832 and so on – Mother Earth WILL notice – every week – let’s have no fall-out – keep it up – every MAP counts!


Ideas of what you may choose to do (or not do) each week – your MAP:

  • NO longer buy water/drinks in plastic bottles
  • Plant a tree
  • Become a mostly vegan Organicflexitarian – it takes 16 pounds of grain to make 1 pound of beef!
  • Remember to take my own bags when I go shopping
  • Avoid buying produce which is packaged in plastic or Styrofoam – shop at the market or greengrocer
  • Re-use plastic and Styrofoam packaging – use as seeds trays etc
  • Use less detergents for house/car cleaning and clean less often
  • Gradually convert my credit card balance into a savings account and no longer buy on credit
  • Pack my dishwasher fully before using it
  • Set up recycling bins/boxes in my home
  • Save the money I was going to use to buy that new lounge suite, coat, jewellery, perfume…
  • Stop buying things I don’t need: when I buy anything – ask myself – what will I do with this item when I am finished with it  – where will it go – is it re-usable or biodegradable?
  • Use natural and biodegradable detergents, body lotions, soaps and shampoos
  • Start a compost heap/device for all of my peels and un-used fresh produce
  • Wear clothing more than once if possible before washing
  • Cut my shower time by one third
  • Plant one new herb in a pot or in my garden
  • Start sprouting my own seeds to grow my own sprouts for salads – so easily done!
  • Dig a small patch to start a herb/vegetable garden
  • Buy a book on how to start an organic vegetable garden – whether in pots or a bigger area (Jane’s Delicious Garden by Jane Griffiths is an excellent choice in South Africa)
  • Give away clutter and things I no longer use – clothes, shoes, materials, books, DVD’s…


Beverley Jean Wium South Africa Organicflexitarian



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